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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions and scope of work:

  • The website should be based on a content management system (CMS) like wordpress.
  • The design website should try to maintain a similar look and feel across its pages.
  • The website should be compatible across devices like desktop, laptop and mobile. Websites should adjust in different screen mobile, Tablet, Laptop, Desktop accordingly and should look like an app in mobiles.
  • Upgrading the server and email server configuration will increase the price.
  • Any actions taken to resolve issues will be done with good intent and professionalism.
  • If there is a failure to comply with the terms of the AMC, no civil or penal action can be taken against us.
  • Payment conditions: Payment is required in advance.


  • The domain name registration or renewal or transfer or w.r.t. any service with fixed validity term, client is required to check at their end, within 7 days of making the payment, whether the stipulated action especially with regards to the expiry date or extension of service, has happened or not. If the stipulated action has not taken place, the client is required to immediately inform us so that we can look into the concerned issue. would not be responsible for any consequences or anything related thereof for the failure of any stipulated action for any reason whatsoever.
  • We reserve the right to take coercive actions w.r.t. any account(s) which we deem is in violations of our procedures or guidelines or AUP or AUP of the upstream provider. These actions can be but not limited to : blocking of website, blocking of a user, application of file or directory locks, suspension of account and in extreme cases termination of the account(s)
  • We reserve the right to take coercive actions to any extent w.r.t. any account(s) on which in-coming DDOS (distributed denial of service) or DOS (denial of service) attack is taking place or has taken place. This kind of coercive action would very likely result in disruption of access to that account.
  • We reserve the right to take any administrative action(s) w.r.t. your account(s) or services, which may include but not limited to : modification of the file and data structure, transmission or copy of data to another system, scanning of email message headers or logs for administrative and compliance reasons, scanning of connections from or to the server, imposition of limits on various actions or activities w.r.t. your account(s) or service(s)
  • We are not liable for any damages or costs or claims, or agony, or mental or emotional stress or torture, resulting from the use of our services or from deficiency of our services, or for the actions undertaken by our staff and/or management.
  • A client is wholly and solely responsible for any penal or civil actions w.r.t. any account(s) under his control/usage.
  • Wherever ‘Unlimited’ word is mentioned, it implies that the feature or the context, is subject to the limits imposed by technical limitations and reasonable use. In no case File Sharing, illegal content or any content prohibited by our AUP will be allowed.
  • Pricing of any service availed, solely at the discretion of, may be or may have been revised at the time of renewal of that service.
  • Payment received on account of domain name registration or renewal or transfer, does not assure the same. In-case the requisite action fails, we would refund the payment amount corresponding to that requisite action. Beyond this we do not take any responsibility for any claims or damages.
  • Payments must be received in advance before any order is placed and also before/on the due date of invoice. Non receipt of payment on/before due date will lead to suspension of the account with immediate effect without any notice. Suspended accounts can be terminated from the system any-time.
  • All payments are non-refundable unless otherwise explicitly stated.
  • The prices of our product(s) or service(s) can change during the term of a Hosting or the Service. The same would be required to be paid by the client on pro-rated basis for continuity of service even if the plan has been billed at the old price. If the client does not agree to pay the same within 30 days of intimation via email, a refund would be offered to the client for the remaining period and the associated hosting or service shall be terminated.
  • Support is only for the service(s) which you have undertaken from us. Outside this, if anything we can provide from our side, is liable to be billed.
  • Ideally any support/problem tickets/emails raised will be answered within one working day. But is some case it may take more than one working day depending upon the complexity of the issue involved.
  • Security of data or information, we do not make any commitments or provide any assurances. A client is wholly and solely responsible for all the data present in his account(s) whether on single hosting(s) or on a Cloud/VPS Server/Instance or on a dedicated server or in reseller panel or as the case may be. Whether the data is uploaded/modified/deleted manually by the client or by any person authorised by the client, or is uploaded/modified/deleted by any un-authorised person, or is uploaded/modified/deleted by the activity of scripts/software on the account irrespective whether they are setup by the client or by a malicious process or by a malware, or whether the information is transmitted via authorised or un-authorised means, or whether the information is transmitted to authorised or un-authorised entities, or whether the data or information is intercepted by lawful or unlawful or authorised or un-authorised entities or person, or whether the data or information is used by lawful or unlawful or authorised or un-authorised entities or person, the client shall be wholly and solely responsible for all the actions and activities.
  • A client is required to always have a copy or a backup of the current data (all files and databases), of his account(s) or account(s) under his control, to be stored on his local system or a PC. We do not provide any assurance or commitment to provisioning of backups at our end.
  • Features such as incremental backups or any other type of backups are purely provided as a goodwill gesture only. One should never assume recovery of data. Even if a client has purchased a separate paid backup service from us, in that case also, one should never assume recovery of data. Client should always have a copy of data on their local PC as detailed in the previous point.
  • Any MySQL Database may only contain no more than 1024 tables. If it exceeds this limit, that database can be dropped/terminated without notice.
  • Receipt of Payment by us does not imply the control of Domain Name to the payee. Ownership of a Domain Name will be in the name of the Title supplied while buying the Domain.
  • All disputes are subject to Chandigarh (India) Jurisdiction only.


  • Emails services which we are provided will be Cpanel based on a phases by the upstream provider.
  • This email service is subject to reasonable technical limitations and must conform to the AUP.


  • Issue Resolution: We will make every effort to resolve the issues with your website to the best of our abilities. However, we cannot guarantee a resolution.
  • Scope of AMC: The AMC covers issues related to the existing website only. It does not include new work or additional tasks beyond the website’s current functionalities.
  • Non-Compliance: If there is a failure to comply with the terms of the AMC, no civil or penal action can be taken against us.
  • Mutual Understanding: The AMC agreement is based on mutual understanding between the parties involved.
  • Intentions: Any actions taken to resolve issues will be done with good intent and professionalism.
  • Responsibility: We are not responsible for any conflicts or misunderstandings arising from the same.
  • Service Hours: The maximum service hours covered under the AMC are 20 hours per month. Any additional work beyond this limit will be billed at the rate of Rs.500 per hour.

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding. Our aim is to provide you with the best possible service and support for your website.